Vanguard Systems Ltd. is a leading provider of customized RF, microwave, electronic and computer end-to-end solutions for complex air, land and sea systems. The company is also a leading provider of high-quality RF and microwave components, as well as computers and peripherals for the most technically-advanced development and testing labs. Known for its superior quality, service and support, Vanguard has earned an enviable reputation for satisfying the market’s most demanding customers since 1996.

  Most of our clients are large high tech and defense companies

 Nearly 95% of our clients are large high tech and defense companies (including OEMs/ODMs), as well as educational institutions involved in IT and development. Among these are companies and R&D labs from diverse sectors including defense, aerospace, semiconductors, computing and storage, communications networking, medicine, clean technology and more.

 Vanguard’s best-known customers. This is not a complete list.


 A Customer Responsive Organization

Vanguard Systems Ltd. earns its customers’ loyalty by providing immediate responsiveness to their priorities and needs, while offering its products and services at competitive prices.

Operating as an in-house service center and R&D lab, Vanguard Systems Ltd. has a talented development and technical team comprised of highly-qualified professionals in engineering, product development and maintenance. Adopting customers’ protocols, terminology and coding, we provide the expertise and benefits of internal staff – without the overhead costs.

Dedicated sales and logistics representatives attend to customer needs, while monitoring market trends with value-adding potential. Support teams include experienced import and marketing specialists. Most Vanguard staff are long-term employees who are uncompromising on issues of innovation, quality and service, contributing to the company’s impressive track record of customer satisfaction.


  Areas of Expertise:

RF and microwave Systems

Fiber Systems

Embedded Solutions

Turnkey solutions

RF JIG Solutions and prototypes

Manual and automated testing



  • RF cables in frequencies of up to 65GHz
  • RG cages
  • Lab rotating tables
  • RF Matrix
  • USB and Ethernet Controlled Attenuators
  • DC wiring of all the system components
  • RF and microwave components including splitters, connectors, couplers, stacsim, etc.



  • Reputation of excellence in service, speed, responsiveness and reliability
  • ISO (9001:2015) compliant
  • Certified by Israeli Department of Defense, Elbit Systems
  • Connectors per MIL-STD-348 and (meet or exceed) MIL-PRF-39012
  • Cables per MIL-DTL-17, MILSTD-87104, MIL-C-81490
  • Cables per MILSTD-810D (environmental standards)
  • ROHS and work standards IPC 610, IPC 620


Vanguard Systems Ltd.” – Your one-stop shop for all your RF development and manufacturing needs. We design and manufacture everything ourselves.

 Our experience and expertise, combined with our vision and creativity, enable us to provide the complete solution industry leaders are looking for.