RF Matrix

Vanguard Systems has a broad Switch Matrix / RF Router range providing RF signal distribution for satellite communications. The Vanguard Systems Switch Matrix Router products are available as a distributive fan-out matrix for Receive Chains and as a combining fan-in matrix for Transmit Chains. Vanguard Systems also has the Ensign fan-in fan-out L-band matrix.

Our RF Router range provides options which are fully hot-swap with hot-swap of all active components such as RF cards, CPU, and PSU, and expandable systems for future requirements. For larger applications our scalable multi-modular Matrix systems are available for sizes up to 1024 inputs x 1024 outputs.

The matrix switch range provides solutions to cover different frequency ranges such as L-band Matrix, IF Matrix, more specialist Broadband Matrix for 50 to 1000 MHz UHF / VHF Matrix Switching. Matrix solutions are generally for switching up to 18 GHz and incorporate coaxial relays.